Thursday, 30 July 2009

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This is an all in one shopping cart system that allows you to integrate your payment and merchant account processing, affiliate software, and auto responder all in one service. This is the very service being used today by the top online marketers of the world.

This is our Flagship service. It allows anyone to run their 2 tier affiliate program and get exposure in our marketplace. Track sales and stats and also manage your affiliates. You get to have 1 or 2 tier, sell digital goods or hard goods, and can have monthly subscriptions as well. The payments go to your PayPal account directly and you pay your affiliates with our Mass Pay file an the end of the month. No monthly fees and it is free to join!

Viral Friend Generator
The most influential viral marketing tool ever produced.

Word Press Cloner
New, Easy to Use Software Lets You Clone Your Totally Configured WordPress Blog, and Install It In a Brand New Subdomain Without Touching Cpanel - in just 60 seconds!

Instant Impact Pop Up
This great software allows you to easily great looking sticky note style pop ups on your site.

This great software allows to test and track your advertising campaign. This is powered by Adtrackz software. It is bar now the best ad tracking solution on the planet. Check it out now!

This great software allows you to easily STREAMING add audio to your website. It is only $10 more than the software below. But it has 3 advanced features. It has a built in loop music feature with 12 pre recorded professional loops, it can stream audio so it does not have to load before playing... great for 1 hour tele-seminar playbacks, and it can do a redirect to any webpage after the audio is done playing if you like.

This is everything I know. Learn how I use a sites like this to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. This was released on August 8th, 2006. It went on to be the number selling product in the ClickBank marketplace in 1 hour. This is without a doubt the most import product to ever come across internet marketing. Check it out for yourself.

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Friday, 24 July 2009

Massive commission increase - and I mean MASSIVE!

A Message from my line manager reads.....

Hi guys

I have just finished bumping up the commissions on our products, giving you a load more reasons to start promoting RIGHT NOW!

If you are already promoting our products - awesome! Look out for more commissions coming your way!

Check out the new commissions you will get on each sale;

123Cashformula - was $23 NOW $31

123CashSurveys - was $23 per sale NOW $31 on full price, $15.50 on half price + up to $11.10 upsell! Thats up to $42.10 per sale!

CashSurveyWizard - was $23 per sale NOW $31 on full price, $15.50 on half price

Cash4Writing - was $7 NOW $10

EasyCashBlogging - was $7 NOW $10

MembersMakeMoney - was $11.50 NOW $17

TwitterCashFormula - was $12.25 NOW $15

UndergroundAffiliateSecrets - was $24 NOW $30

This is a huge increase in potential earnings, get on this now!

If your not yet a member of the program, and want to get in on the act go here

Quick Reviews on 4 Affiliate Programs...


Are you fed up promoting products that pay you a measly
few dollars per sale, and want to start making some real money online?

Well I've put together a small list of my top 4
affiliate programs on the net (in my opinion). These
programs not only pay high commissions, but also have
excellent affiliate support, which is also very important
if you really want to become a leading affiliate marketer.

by Frederick Miller


1. More Niche

- Earn up to $175 per sale (average commission is over $100).

- Completely free to join.

- Free web design, programming and SEO support provided.

- High conversions (as low as 1:10).

- Huge demand for products.

- Unparalled affiliate support.

More Niche sells adult products, so it's maybe not for everyone, but if you can look beyond that, the company itself is in my opinion one of the best, in terms of affiliate training and support. They want you to succeed, and therefore will provide absolutely everything you need to get set up and start making money selling their products.

They provide excellent promotional tools, such as free ebooks that you can sell or give away, and complete shop fronts and feeder sites to boost your conversions even further. They will even help you set up and customize your own high-converting website, which includes help with programing and SEO.

This gets my highest recommendation because not only can you earn a lot of money promoting it's high commission products, but you can also learn a great deal about becoming a successful affiliate from both the affiliate support team and other successful affiliates in the company forum.

Click here to JOIN


2. Forex Affiliate

- Earn up to $10,000 per referral.

- Completely free to join.

- Get paid via wire transfer or Paypal.

- Excellent promotional tools available.

- Huge demand - Forex industry has daily turnover of 3 trillion dollars.

This is one of my favourite affiliate programs. Not only is there incredible demand for the trading platform product, but you can earn staggering amounts of money by earning a percentage of the revenue generated by each of your referrals.

The Easy Forex platform, ie the product you will be promoting, is one of the world leading forex platforms, so it's therefore very easy to promote. Customers can sign up in just 5 minutes, and immediately start depositing funds via their credit card or Paypal account, starting with as little as $25, so this is a major selling point.

The forex industry is one of the most lucrative ones for affiliates to be in, and so by promoting an excellent in-demand trading platform, you can make a lot of money, so this again is another program I can highly recommend.

Click here to join the Forex Program


3. The Second Tier

- Complete affiliate training center - learn how to promote like the pros.

- Completely free to join.

- Promote Russell Brunson's top-selling products, and earn up to 65% commission.

- A variety of products to promote, including one-off sales and membership sites.

- Comprehensive list of marketing tools and training videos available.

- Excellent conversions.

This is the ideal site for any affiliate because it gives you the best of both worlds. You get complete affiliate training and guidance on how to succeed at affiliate marketing, plus you get a variety of quality products you can promote as well.

This could easily have received my top ranking, but the only reason it didn't was because, at the time of writing (March 2007), the site's currently undergoing a major revamp, and so the training videos are not currently available.

However, when the site's fully complete, I'm very confident it will be on a par with More Niche in terms of range of high-commission products and comprehensive affiliate training and support.

Click here to join the Second Tier


4. Aweber

- Promote one of the world's leading autoresponders.

- Huge demand - autoresponders are now a must-have for most websites.

- Earn 20% commissions per referral every single month they remain a member.

- High retention rate.

- Affiliate tools and support provided.

- Completely free to join.

The Aweber affiliate program may not appear to be the highest paying affiliate program out there, but in the long-term commissions can really add up.

You have to remember that you earn 20% commissions every month for as long as your referral remains a member. They could very easily remain a member for several years, because, like web hosts, when people find a service they're happy with, they tend to remain with them for many years, and because Aweber is one of the best autoresponder services on the market, this is a distinct possibility.

I always think it's important you have at least one affiliate program that earns you consistent residual income every month, and Aweber is a very popular service, so this is an excellent long-term affiliate program in my opinion.

Click here to join the Aweber Affiliate Program

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

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