Friday, 24 July 2009

Massive commission increase - and I mean MASSIVE!

A Message from my line manager reads.....

Hi guys

I have just finished bumping up the commissions on our products, giving you a load more reasons to start promoting RIGHT NOW!

If you are already promoting our products - awesome! Look out for more commissions coming your way!

Check out the new commissions you will get on each sale;

123Cashformula - was $23 NOW $31

123CashSurveys - was $23 per sale NOW $31 on full price, $15.50 on half price + up to $11.10 upsell! Thats up to $42.10 per sale!

CashSurveyWizard - was $23 per sale NOW $31 on full price, $15.50 on half price

Cash4Writing - was $7 NOW $10

EasyCashBlogging - was $7 NOW $10

MembersMakeMoney - was $11.50 NOW $17

TwitterCashFormula - was $12.25 NOW $15

UndergroundAffiliateSecrets - was $24 NOW $30

This is a huge increase in potential earnings, get on this now!

If your not yet a member of the program, and want to get in on the act go here

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