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3 Tips for Submitting Articles

Three tips for submitting articles

Article distribution is a powerful way to promote your business. You can not only promote your business but also yourself as an expert in your field. However, in order to make this marketing method effective it is important to do it right. Here are three steps to follow:.

1. Your bio box: Be sure to include a compelling bio box that will encourage readers to click through to your website. This is just like an expanded version of your email signature file. It should not be more than 5-6 lines. It should include your name with one to two lines about who you are and what you do. Try to include a free gift like your newsletter and a list of your website URL’s.

2. Content: Make your articles interesting and informative. Readers should be drawn into them and enjoy the article so much that they want to know more and will click through to your website. You can include in your articles information about your product or service, product reviews, in the news topics about your industry. Helpful tips and instructions about how to use a piece of software that you are selling, and even some humorous antidotes and stories relating to your product, service and industry.

3. Use a service or software that includes article directories as well as lists. Both lists and directories will give you traffic but directories will give you valuable back links. These links will help to raise your Page Rank in Google and improve your position in the search engines.

You can also take advantage of free content from http://www.moreniche.com. This is a free website offering many tools and weekly free content. You can just modify these articles and submit them. This will save you a lot of time when you submit your articles.

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3 Aspects

Three aspects for affiliate marketer to consider

Affiliate marketing is a fun and easy way to make a living on the Internet. It is a popular business to start with as it requires no payment processors, inventory or selling hassles. However, there are some points you need to consider in order to make the maximum amount of money. Here are some of them to consider:

Your own website: do not rely on your sponsor’s mirror site; you need to stand out from the crowd in order to do well. Having your own website will help you do this. When you have your own website it will allow you to collect email addresses by means of a free newsletter and build your business as well as your sponsor’s. Website promotion is much more cost effective than direct marketing. You can pre sell and warm your visitors to the sale before they click through to your sponsor’s sales page, with a lot of interesting content.

An autoresponder is a must for effective email marketing and setting up informative mailers to get the click through. You should be careful to choose this wisely as it is a very useful tool for your business. You will also use it to send out your newsletter and manage your lists.

Driving targeted traffic to your website: This is one of the keys to succeeding in affiliate marketing. There are several ways to do this; one of them is article distribution. You can either have articles written or write them yourself.

MoreNiche is a free website that will give you lots of resources. It includes a guide to the best hosting and web designing help for your business. http://www.moreniche.com will also provide you with free weekly content. You will be able to modify these articles and use the ideas to write new ones. This will save you a lot of time and help you to promote quickly and effectively.

Things Not to Do

Things you should not do to earn money online

There are certain schemes and products on the Internet that will not make you money and are simply a waste of time and sometimes your hard earned money. Here are a few things to stay away from, if you are really serious about earning a good income from the Internet.

Surveys: we have all seen these in our mailboxes at one time or another. These are time consuming and blatant ways to simply waste your time. They usually do not pay you and you can be earning real money doing something that is far more constructive. The only people who might get paid are the owners of these schemes. Stay away from these if you can.

Lotto and free lotto: Now you and I both know deep down that nobody ever wins these lotto games. Do not even bother to waste your time. Again for the amount of time you waste playing these you could be earning some serious money. You will never be able to build a business on this.

Contests and instant games: The same applies to these contests and instant games. If there was ever a winner the sponsors of these games would be broke. So do not waste your time on something that can rarely make you any money let alone a serious business.

Casinos: Not only do you rarely win anything at online casinos, you will often lose money. This can add up and cause you some serious problems. Invest your money wisely and stay away from games like this. You are just putting free money into the casino owner’s pocket and you should be putting that money to good use building your own business. After all none of us have free money to give away!
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The foundation of affiliate success

The foundation of affiliate success is to know your market. When you understand your market and what they need, you will be able to choose the right programs that have products to fulfill this need. It is just a question of finding a need and being able to fulfill it.

You will need to find a niche market to make the most profit. Research this well as this is where the money is to be made. How do you uncover these niche or specialized markets? You look on overture search tool and find out what people have been searching for. This will be your demand. Then you go to the search engines and put in the same keywords and find out how many websites come up. This will be your supply. Then you find a topic that is high in demand and low in supply. This will be your niche market.

Try to build a website which will have a landing place for your visitors. Develop it into a theme content website which pre sells to your visitors and encourage them to click through to your sponsor’s website. When you warm your visitors for the sale, by informative and interesting content they will then be more inclined to buy.

Next you must find a way to capture the email addresses of your visitors and build your business list. You can do this by generating a free newsletter. Place your subscription box on your website landing page and drive traffic to it.

The key to success is finding your niche market, exploring their needs and finding products to fulfill them. Your job is then to get a high click through ratio to your sponsor’s site. You can then start to earn commissions on the sales your visitors make.

So Little Risk...

So little risk, so much potential

Affiliate marketing is a low risk, high potential business. This is one of the reasons that it is becoming so popular. Many new entrepreneurs start their businesses off with affiliate programs. Here are some of the reasons why this business model is considered low risk:

1. Low start up costs: Affiliate programs are usually free to join. Tools and ad copy come with the package and the only expense incurred will be the cost of promotion. Of course you will be starting your own website and newsletter, but this will not really cost too much. If you start with a simple website template you can actually do it yourself. There are no office expenses or employee overheads.

2. No inventory: Of course you will not have to buy product, except for personal use. This saves a lot of money and means you will not have the risk of having to keep unsold inventory.

3. No Employees: as mentioned there are no employees to pay or hassle with. The only time you will have to pay people to work for you is when you outsource or hire others for a project. You can do this fairly cheaply when you use freelancers.

4. Very Little Customer support: One of the best parts about affiliate marketing is the fact that there is little or no customer service needed. Usually your sponsor as the actual seller will handle all this.

Of course Affiliate marketing has a lot of potential. This will depend on exactly how hard you wish to work your business. In fact once you have done your research into each and every promotion you do, you will be seeing good returns on your advertising dollar. Even with affiliate marketing you cannot expect too much for the first three months but after that it will increase as you expend promotions and gather tools, so that you will realize a growing return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing

In order to bring targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing website it is necessary to optimize your site. Optimization simply means getting your website ready for search engine submission. In order for your site to have a good position in the search engines it is very important to understand how to do basic optimization.

Firstly you will need to do some keyword research. You can do this by going to http://goodkeywords.com and finding the best keywords for your business theme. You can also go to http://wordtracker.com to find more specialized or niche keywords. Make a list of them and base your content pages around one or two keywords or key word phrases. Optimize your pages at about 3% keyword density. This will be the general rule for optimizing your content.

Meta tags: Now you need only put in title and description tags. Also put in a tag to ask search engine bots to visit every 5 days.

For better Page Rank and good positioning in Google it is necessary to keep your website content fresh. You can do this by adding content every week. When you add lots of good optimized interesting content, both the search engines and your visitors will be happy.

Keep good resources for your visitors and you will also gain better Page Rank. This will also encourage other webmasters to link to you and get more back links.

Back links are also useful for raising your Page Rank. Other ways to get these is article distribution. You can either write them yourself or get others to do so. You can also go to this free website http://www.moreniche.com/tools.html and take advantage of their tools and advice. They will also provide you with free weekly content. You can modify them for use on your website or for article distribution.

Pure Profit...

Pure Profit with affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are some of one of the easiest ways to make money. You do not have to bother with payment processors, returns, or support for your customers. All you need to do is to send warm ready to buy visitors to your Sponsor’s sales page.

Think of an affiliate program like a joint venture. Your sponsor has the product but needs help marketing it. You do not have a product but have the means to market the product. You pre sell to your visitors and newsletter subscribers and pick up a commission for doing this. You get paid when your sponsor sells his product, and everyone is happy. When you join multiple programs that are all targeting a large, hungry market you will be able to make a lot in commissions and profit well.

How to find these affiliate programs? Just look on the Google search engine under “affiliate programs” and many websites will come up. Choose your programs wisely and be sure they pay well.

Ways to profit with your affiliate marketing:

Make sure you offer a subscription box for a free newsletter on your website. This will enable you to capture visitors’ addresses and sell more through your newsletter. You will be building your business as well as your sponsor’s. You will also have another way to pre sell and send more people to your sponsor’s web page. This will increase sales and commissions.

Build a theme based website and offer multiple related affiliate products. With more affiliate programs you can gradually increase your commissions, and snowball your business.

Through your newsletter you can get your subscribers to join your affiliate programs and earn passive income from their sales. Always join 2 tier affiliate programs, which will enable you to do this.

Use multiple methods of marketing to promote your website and drive targeted traffic to your site. The more traffic you get the more click through you will achieve, and the more commissions you will make.

You can make a very profitable living with affiliate programs, by just using a few of these methods.

In order to have a successful website

Points you should use on your site

In order to have a successful website it is important to include certain things within it. Your website is like your storefront and will be your visitor’s first impression of you. You will need to be sure that this is a good one. Here are some points that you should include on your site in order to get the full potential from it.

• Firstly you will need to give your visitors some details about your company. This will encourage confidence and trust.

• Describe the services and products you are offering your visitors. Answer the question “what’s in it for me?’

• Give your customer every reason to select your products and services over your competition. Again answer their question of “what’s in it for me?’. Also establish your unique selling point with added value and more benefits.

• About you: Be sure to always include an about us section on your website. It is important to include little snippets about your accomplishments and reason for being in business. This again builds trust and credibility for you with your business. This will of course encourage sales.

You can easily add value to your website and products by using this free site http://www.moreniche.com. This site offers many free tools and content for promotions. This will give you a good start to your business and save you a lot of time and money. The better you present your website and the more resources you can offer the better your website will be and the more your visitors will want to stay and buy from you.

With these few points you can make a website that your visitors will enjoy and build trust for yourself. In this way you will increase click through and sales conversions.

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Google free Search Engine Submission


How do I submit my website to the Google Search Engine?

Submitting your website to the Google Search Engine is free, fast and friendly.

Simply go to www.google.com/addurl.html and enter your website domain name remembering to include the http:// prefix

e.g. http://www.mywebsite.com

Do I need to submit my website to local Google Search Engines?

Google operates a large number of Search engines for virtually every country in the World. A single submission covers all Google Search engines around the world!

Do I need to resubmit my website to Google search engine regularly?

No - once registered it is automatically updated.

What happens when pages get deleted?

Google will automatically remove them.

I submitted my website to the Google Search Engine some time ago and it still doesn't appear in a Google search

It can takes several months to get indexed - the web is a big place!

Make sure you keep your content fresh and up-to-date.

In the meantime you can use the Google advertising system called Adwords to get traffic to your website.


Google Tips

Google search tips

1. Phrase search

If you want Google to return results pages including only the words you're looking for, in the specific order that you typed them in, enclose them in quotes.

Example: who is he and what is he to you

This is the title of a famous Bill Withers song. Normally, Google will search all the pages that contain each one of the words, returning millions of results. If you want Google to return only the results where these words appear together, then you must enclose them in quotes, like this:

"who is he and what is he to you"

If you want to make sure Google includes a particular word in its search then put a plus (+) sign in front of it. Equally, if you want Google to ignore a word, put a minus (-) in front of it. This eliminates a lot of hits you don't want.

2. Google synonym tool

Sometimes you may miss out on some useful results because you can't find the right words to express what you want to search for. This is when the Google synonym tool can be useful. Type the ~ (tilde) character before the words in your query and Google will not only return the results including the words you typed in, but also what it thinks are the synonyms for the keywords.

Example: searching for ~reptile will return results including snake, lizard chameleon, etc.

3. Searching for numbers (date, size, currency, height, etc)

Google has a useful tool, the number range operator, .. (two dots between numbers) which can be used to find results falling inside a specific number range.

Example: If you're looking for a laptop and you're willing to spend $400 to $600 for it, try searching for new laptop $400..$600 .

If you want to include a maximum value in your query (e.g. you don't want a laptop more expensive than $600) then try searching for new laptop..$600.

On the other hand, if you're looking to spend more than $500 on a laptop, then you can include a minimum value, e.g. new laptop $500..

You must always name or give a clue as to the range, be it kg, megapixel, size, etc.

4. Looking up phone numbers

Your query should start by typing in phonebook: followed then the number or name you need.

Example-phonebook: John Smith London

Remember that in this case searches are case sensitive so whereas when typing in phonebook: you will get results, not the same will happen if you type in Phonebook: (notice the capital P)

If you want to restrict your search to residential phone numbers, then try rphonebook: and bphonebook: for business listings.

5. Definitions

Don't be lost for words when someone mentions a word and you have no idea what they are talking about. Whatever the word, find out what it means by using define:

Example- define: conspicuous

Your first Google search result will probably be a definition of the word from one of the many web dictionaries.

6. Soople

Google has evolved from the simple search engine it used to be and now offers numerous other features, such as calculators, converters, dictionaries, stock symbol search, etc. It would be difficult to remember the syntax for all these features so the easiest way is to go to http://www.soople.com. There you will find different specialty interfaces, allowing you to filter your search. Soople also features calculators (incredibly detailed, covering different mathematical functions), translation tools, etc.

7. Searching specific parts of the web pages

If you want to search only certain parts if the web pages, in order to narrow your search results, you can use special syntax or advanced operators. For instance, you can make Google search only web pages where your query word appears only in the title or URL.

Here are the special syntax elements:

intitle: restricts your search to the titles of web pages.

allintitle: finds pages where all the words you specified appear in the title of the webpage

intext: searches only the the body text, ignoring titles, URLs, etc.

inanchor: searches for text in a page's link anchors (descriptive text of a link)

site: narrows the search by either site or top level domain (e.g. site: edu or site: gov.uk)

inurl: narrows your search to the URLs of web pages

link: returns pages linking to the specified URL (for instance, searching for link: www.greenwichmeantime.com will return a list of pages that link to this site)

cache: finds copy of a page indexed by Google even if that page no longer exists at its original URL or has changed the content completely

daterange: allows you to limit your search to a particular range of dates. A daterange search will only show results from when that page was indexed by Google, not when it was created. Also, for a daterange: search, it is essential that you use Julian dates (Julian dates converters can be found online). The daterange syntax is simple-daterange: startdate-endate (both dates must be expressed as Julian dates)

A complete list of Google tools and services can be found at: http://www.google.com/options/index.html


Hope you learnt something new here today and thank you for visiting...

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As you probably know already, Google is constantly changing the way they rank websites. These days, it is absolutely critical to get high quality, 1-way links to your website.

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