Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bebiz Your step-by-step Internet Business builder

Help during a slowing economy

Have recent developments with the US economy got you
feeling spooked?

I don't blame you! What with major banks collapsing, huge
government bailouts being planned, and the stock market
going up and down like a yo-yo, it's hard to know what
to expect next!

If you're like the other small business owners I know,
I'm willing to bet that, right this minute, you're on the
fence about whether you should continue to invest in
the tools and help you need to start your Internet
business... or whether it's better to save your cash
until things stabilize a bit.

And that's actually why I'm firing off this hasty email...

... because I've just learned about a way you can do
BOTH, as long as you act right away!

A few months ago, Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl
unleashed a powerful business-building system that
gives you all the tools and assistance you need to
start a completely automated, hands-free Internet
business from SCRATCH, including the website, a
salesletter, an online payment system, endless streams
of traffic, and help getting it all set up.

He named it "BeBiz," and since its release, it's gone
on to become the most simple yet comprehensive way for
"newbies" to go from zero to online profits in as
short a time span as possible (often in as little as
5 days!).

Well, just moments ago, Derek informed me and a few
of his other close associates that, in order to give
as many people as possible a leg up during this
volatile economy, he's going to WAIVE the entire
$177 BeBiz start-up fee for new members!

Unfortunately, there's a catch...

Due to the amount of money he could potentially lose
with this offer, he can only make it available to the
next 200 people who get in touch with him...

... so I urge you to follow this link contact him right


Trust me: you do NOT want to let this opportunity pass
you by!

Where ELSE will you get a professional-looking sales
website that could have you earning profits by this
time next month (along with an Internet marketing genius
looking over your shoulder and guiding you as you
set it up)?

Best wishes for your business,

Frederick Miller

P.S. During the initial BeBiz launch, Derek made 250
spots available, and they were all snapped up in mere
hours -- and that was WITH the regular $177 start-up
fee -- so you can just imagine how fast these 200 spots
with NO start-up fees are going to go.

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