Monday, 22 June 2009

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing

In order to bring targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing website it is necessary to optimize your site. Optimization simply means getting your website ready for search engine submission. In order for your site to have a good position in the search engines it is very important to understand how to do basic optimization.

Firstly you will need to do some keyword research. You can do this by going to and finding the best keywords for your business theme. You can also go to to find more specialized or niche keywords. Make a list of them and base your content pages around one or two keywords or key word phrases. Optimize your pages at about 3% keyword density. This will be the general rule for optimizing your content.

Meta tags: Now you need only put in title and description tags. Also put in a tag to ask search engine bots to visit every 5 days.

For better Page Rank and good positioning in Google it is necessary to keep your website content fresh. You can do this by adding content every week. When you add lots of good optimized interesting content, both the search engines and your visitors will be happy.

Keep good resources for your visitors and you will also gain better Page Rank. This will also encourage other webmasters to link to you and get more back links.

Back links are also useful for raising your Page Rank. Other ways to get these is article distribution. You can either write them yourself or get others to do so. You can also go to this free website and take advantage of their tools and advice. They will also provide you with free weekly content. You can modify them for use on your website or for article distribution.


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