Monday, 22 June 2009

Things Not to Do

Things you should not do to earn money online

There are certain schemes and products on the Internet that will not make you money and are simply a waste of time and sometimes your hard earned money. Here are a few things to stay away from, if you are really serious about earning a good income from the Internet.

Surveys: we have all seen these in our mailboxes at one time or another. These are time consuming and blatant ways to simply waste your time. They usually do not pay you and you can be earning real money doing something that is far more constructive. The only people who might get paid are the owners of these schemes. Stay away from these if you can.

Lotto and free lotto: Now you and I both know deep down that nobody ever wins these lotto games. Do not even bother to waste your time. Again for the amount of time you waste playing these you could be earning some serious money. You will never be able to build a business on this.

Contests and instant games: The same applies to these contests and instant games. If there was ever a winner the sponsors of these games would be broke. So do not waste your time on something that can rarely make you any money let alone a serious business.

Casinos: Not only do you rarely win anything at online casinos, you will often lose money. This can add up and cause you some serious problems. Invest your money wisely and stay away from games like this. You are just putting free money into the casino owner’s pocket and you should be putting that money to good use building your own business. After all none of us have free money to give away!
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