Monday, 25 May 2009

List Building ABC

List Building ABC or 123

Building your opt-in list gives you endless ways to pre sell; sell, and backend sell for a long time to come. For affiliate marketing you can work your list and build up profits. You will need to prepare the ground to do this, so that you can get maximum returns. Firstly be sure that you have a number of different affiliate programs selling related products. Then purchase resale rights to other related products and services that you know your subscribers will find useful.

You can promote your affiliate programs as primary front end products, in your newsletter. Then build an announcement list for those who like bargains and need more tools and services. You will use your resale purchases to do promotions to this list. You will be surprised at how many people will join this bargain list, and buy things at discount rates (special subscriber rates.) In this way you can combine your affiliate marketing and build up products of your own using your lists. The trick is to make sure these products and affiliate programs are highly targeted for your subscribers.

Recurring or residual income from affiliate products are also good to promote to your lists. Examples of these would be autoresponders and products with monthly subscription fees.

Other good products for creating residual income are vitamins and weight loss products. Customers will take these on a regular basis and will buy the products again and again. More Niches is a free to join affiliate program that offers weight loss products that are ongoing purchases. This is another good way to earn a continuous income.

You can rotate a few different ads for products like this to your list, and build a nice monthly income that will keep on snowballing. Make sure these products are highly targeted for best results.

There are hundreds even thousands of list builders out there but I would personally recommend one that offers more than just building a list and I have to say that Workfor3Dollars is by far the best, and the reasons I stand by that statement is you get paid to build your own list and members who join pay a small lifetime fee of just $3.00 less than a cup of coffee. Also you get added extras like 3x15 forced matrix and access to thousands of resellable products all with resell rights - Great, Great Value for just $3.00 Check it out by way of this funky banner below:

Workfor3Dollars even provide you with its own Short URL Widget


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