Thursday, 21 May 2009

Newbies Guide to Making Easy Money Online STEP 1

If your a newbie marketer and looking to make money online from scratch then follow these simple steps and were going to keep it KIS (Keeping it Simple)

The two easiest ways to make money online are paid surveys and paid to read e mails...

Lets look at paid surveys first... There are millions of advertisers worldwide who are willing to pay people like you literally hundreds of pounds, dollars, euros or your own country currency for your valuable opinion.

Why? To sell you their products, find out your buying habits, and basically extract information from you. -- So whats your opinion worth? Can you really put a price on it?

Paid e mails are very much the same as paid surveys only with paid surveys are much more detailed when submitting your profile, and paid e mails you list your interests at the signing up
stage... So lets get started from scratch


YOU will need to set up a clickbank ID account which will allow you to recieve your commissions and have access to its mass product range. Please go to this link Clickbank

Its also recommended that you set up accounts with Paypal and AlertPay if you dont have one

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Tip Make a note of all your pass words, secret questions etc....

When your done come back for STEP 2


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