Thursday, 28 May 2009

YOU may be in VIOLATION...

How Y-O-U doin?
Freddie here...all coffee'd up and
jittery fingered to give you another
little 'tip' and mindset.
May I ask?
Are you in violation?
Do you violate one of these 3 rules?
Let's take a look see?
How much trouble do you have
writing your 'landing pages'?
or deciding even what to put on them?
(If you're not sure what a landing page is, they
are the page you send your article traffic or Pay
Per Click traffic to and then send them to the
merchant or program you are wanting them to
I know I use to sit there like a zombie staring
at the screen...and I know other folks need help
with this too because I get LOTS of cries for help from
fellow "Zombies".
Let's see if I can help DE-Zombify
this darn landing page thing?
Here's 3 simple rules that
I want ANY of my landing pages, sales pages
or articles to accomplish.
When I violate any one of these 3 'rules'
my conversions suffer...but I also suffer
in more horrible ways too...
Let me explain...
Rule 1
1. I want the visitor to say to themselves within SECONDS
"This is EXACTLY what I was looking for."
and even better...
"It's like they read my mind."
Need an example?
Let's say you are selling "sausage makers".
and say someone comes to your page after typing
in "gas sausage makers"
You should send them to a page that says...GAS SAUSAGE
It's easier to send all of the traffic to your generic "sausage maker"
BUT ...
You are ignoring the EXACTLY part of rule 1...and your
conversions...sales...and mood WILL suffer.
Now you could take this even doing a little research.
If you know that people searching "gas sausage makers" are
also wanting prices under $100's or they are concerned with
the safety of the less expensive models.
When they hit YOUR landing page that says...
" Safety Ratings for Gas Sausage Makers Under $100"
Can you imagine the small reaction they will have in
their head?
They might think...
"MY GOD...that's EXACTLY what I was looking's
like they read my mind."
SCORE ONE for you...(and one for them.)
See how this is better than beating your head against the wall
and coming up with some HYPED up headline like...
"The BESTEST in the world SAUSAGE MAKER you
just gotta have if you call yourself a sausage maker."
This is especially powerful because it leads right in to
rule 2.
Rule 2
Give 'em VALUE!!!!!!!
For GOODNESS SAKE...give 'em
some VALUE!!!!!!!!
I would make an edy-mi-cated guess that
98% of the landing pages I look at for folks
or those of my competitors do NOT do this.
In fact...
I just got into a raging argument over someone
was basically saying BOGUS reviews and BOGUS
testimonials are okay...because you can't be expected
to buy every product.
I think that attitude is just HORRIBLE...and someday
when you reflect back on aren't going to remember
the dollars that you WILL remember the impact
that you made on other peoples lives.
Your impact can be postive...or negative.
I wanna depart from this Earth leaving it a little
better than I found it.
I betcha you do too:-)
and here's the MILLION dollar question?
How much work would it really take to add some value?
Do you really have to buy the 'gas sausage maker' to go
and research the safety ratings?
of course not...
and if you can save a person (your visitor) a couple hours from
having to do it on their own?
Aren't you?
Adding value?
and if 10 people a day see your page...your
adding value to 3,650 peoples lives every year!!!
And can you guess the BIGGEST benefits of
Your visitors are gonna LOVE you, bookmark
your pages, send their friends to your pages, Google's
gonna love you and YOU ARE GONNA MAKE
Cuz they are gonna BUY from you!
How nice would it be to die rich AND happy
with your achievements:-)
and this leads nicely into...Rule 3.
Rule 3
Rule 3 is a cinch because if you've
followed rule 1 and 2 this one comes naturally.
Rule 3 is simply GET YOUR VISITOR TO
LEAVE your site...and leave in a GOOD MOOD.
and leave your site...means clicking on your
'money' links to your merchant...
If you are selling directly...clicking the 'buy now'
button in a good mood.
Like I was sayin...rule 1 and 2 go a looong way
towards this...
But be careful because...
... you still can 'screw it up' if your tone
is wrong...or you show no empathy towards your visitor.
Here's a quick example:
I see sales pages all the time for 'make money' products
that infer that I am a lazy...good for nuttin'...low brow.
That some how...if I'd just get up off my butt...I'd make
some money.
Have you seen pages like that too?
Always sounds like those pages are written by some
'punk kid' that NEVER had kids to raise, a lawn to take
care of, laundry to do or dinner to make.
We AREN'T lazy...we're so BUSY we are about
to go cukoo....cukoo...cukoo.
Do you get as hot under the collar as I do when
you see those 'punk kid' pages?
Don't EVER do that to your visitors...
It's easy to offend folks.
If you READ your pages outloud and make sure
they have the same if you were talking to
your'll do just super!
DANG this got long!
Let's review right quick:
Rule 1. Make your visitors silently say...
"This is EXACTLY what I was looking for."
Rule 2. ADD VALUE!
Rule 3. Get them to go to your 'money page' in
These 3 rules have been VERY lucrative
and successful for me.
Sometimes I will ADD to this...
When my pages don't convert well...I know
I've VIOLATED one of these 3 rules.
Hope you know how much you mean to me!
...and hope I've left your world a little better
place too:-)


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